Where other outlets focus on keeping up with — and writing for — their peers, or people in power, we’re focused on someone more important: you. We never lose sight of the fact that major events impact real people’s lives.

We believe that when more people understand why something is happening, we’re all better off.

We accept that journalists have their own biases — and must be aware of them. We work hard to acknowledge our biases, and be fair and empathetic to all perspectives. We’re transparent about the process, clear about our views, and always show our work, so that you can form your own opinion.

We’re not afraid to make a bold statement backed by expertise and reporting. We explore all points of view with generosity, empathy, and fairness, but we put facts first.

Identity-related topics touch every part of our culture and society, and should be addressed as such. Talking to a diverse array of sources and understanding a variety of perspectives is essential in delivering the right stories.